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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Re+Evolution vs Revolution

As we get closer to the zero shift point of 2012, with all the changes and implications that this entails; public manifestations, violent massive protests, turmoil's and upheavals are growing rampant worldwide. Even though our mission is to resist tyranny, corruption, oppression, control, exploitation and slavery, we encourage an Evolution rather than a political revolution, or violent uprisings and revolts as it’s happening in several countries.

An Evolution of the body, mind and soul is the key. This can be accomplished by awakening your Consciousness, that is to say, to become aware of who you really are, where you are and why you are here or what the purpose of your existence is all about. By doing so, the individual begins to attain or regain her/ his spiritual human potential and becomes aware, empowered and capable to help himself and others around, whether to restore his/her natural rights and freedom or to revert or change any negative situation in a more peaceful and consistent fashion.

Con•scious•ness / adj. / 1 the state of being awake. 2 awareness

The year 2012 is that universal window whereby humanity can make an exponential leap in consciousness and reclaim the sovereignty that all we’ve born with.

Getting informed is the first step to take, and there is not lack of information, as a matter of fact, everything around (Matrix) is built out of information (light). Realize the power that is within you and take part in this Re+Evolution of your mind, body and soul to change the world as you always dreamed it. Only you have the power to unlock your potential, it’s a matter of choice, and consciousness is the key.

"Emancipate yourselves from Mental Slavery, none but ourselves can free our Minds" - Bob Marley

This is an individual journey, so please feel yourself free to browse these videos, sites and links which will provide you with basic information and guidance in your path to awakening and liberation.

To read more about Re+Evolution vs Revolution click here: Bonus Tracks , but before that, please watch some of the videos bellow and the rest if you want to.


Tobymac Ignition - Mayday Mayday

Front Cover

Front Cover



It’s important to note this global elite’s most ancient tactic which has been successfully utilized all along in human history to carry out their infamous agendas which are so detrimental for the human race and the planet Earth that they have been subverted and enslaved for thousands of years. Problem-Reaction-solution is by far the most common technique employed in a global scale.

Perhaps the most remarkable example of this practice is the “September 11th attacks”, though, there have been many others in recent history, basically about 90% of what we hear in the news and read in history books are evidences of “Problem-Reaction-Solution” events, which ironically are not our problems, nor our solutions, but are rather our destruction. For these destroy human liberties, rights, resources, lives, nature and even entire nations.

September 11th Illuminati Attacks

Again, “9/11” being the most indicative example of this method, nonetheless, there are countless of similar procedures being currently carried out behind and in front the scenes. As a matter of fact, the vaccination campaign is perhaps one the most detrimental and undermining for the evolution and preservation of the human race as we know it. Although there are many others that are important to be mentioned too. But there is one that has received mayor media cover up for several years, and it’s not the infamous “war on terror” but the so called “war on drugs” which is also pivotal in the construction of their New world Order as you will see.

North American Union

North American Union

This specific international “problem” between the U.S and its subverted neighbor, Mexico, has caused many “reactions” in both nations due to the importance of the security of their borders, as well as the implications of drug cartels allegedly being fought by the Mexican government in a more than a bloody and devastating battle. So in the search for a “solution” the sudo-Mexican government has deployed all its military power and even being “supported” by the U.S government to put an end to the bloodshed and the drug smuggling over the border of both countries.

But beyond putting an end to these problems, the global elite (oligarchy, illuminati, etc) which historically have engaged in controlling and funding both sides of conflicts, in this case, governments and the drug cartels which are in reality mercenaries trained and supported by special forces (Black waters, CIA, etc) in order to destroying the illusory sovereignty of both countries and turning totalitarian military power against the Mexican population as they escalate and consolidate a fascist state under the guise of the so called security and partnership of North America, which is an important piece of the New World Order final master plan to bring about a global police state to ensure that people are technologically enslaved, controlled and exploited by them into a prison-like planet.

To read more about this subject click this link: North American Trick

Raise of FEMA


Awekening Army - Alika


If you are drawn into metaphysical concepts, perhaps you wonder what are the intrinsic purposes behind this particular Illuminati technique. In effect, there are many insidious intentions in all their agendas, very well planned and executed with clinical precision. In fact, the metaphysical aspects of their attacks are the most detrimental part of these. For instance, 9/11, for many people it was simple an imperialist strategy to further political and power ambitions. However, from a metaphysical perspective, it generated the fear, the negative primal energy that lowers the vibration of a human being in an individual level. And in a collective level, lowers the vibration of an entire nation.

Fear is a slow dense state of vibration in a frequency level. Consciousness, by the other hand, is a higher state of vibration, as it resonates with awareness, love, peace harmony and so on. But it can get sort of distorted when it’s constantly exposed to lower states such as insecurity, uncertainty, stress, anger and suffering, which eventually might submerge and lock down an individual into deep levels of unconsciousness. Not to mention that when a person is under the influence of these lower states her/his freewill is compromised, which make that individual more susceptible to all sort of emotional and mental manipulations. And if you take this into a planetary level, particularly in the socio-political arena, you’ll have a bigger picture of our real world today.

From this metaphysical perspective of P-R-S in its multiple manifestations, we come to understand how our consciousness and our society is and have been manipulated for generations. The year 2012 is the point where we individually and collectively have a great opportunity to attain or regain a considerable, even highly spiritual “Christ-like” levels of consciousness. So if we can break off the negative emotional mental and spiritual influence that the Elite with their system of control have induced on us, then the sky is the limit.

Freedom is at hand. Free your mind!

Gods of the Underground


Chemtrails and the Global Awakening

Why are Chemtrails so important in the global awakening and resistance movement? Well there are three very important points that make this specific subject the central vector in the overall global information disclosure :

  1. These are a tangible and plain to see evidence that there is a conspiracy, a global agenda, and a total cover up; since our governments, mainstream science and media have basically denied this phenomenon for years.

  2. Also that there is a shadow world government, meaning that entire nations and their governments are essentially the fa├žade of an international central administration that rules and dictates what to do and how.

  3. And perhaps, the most detrimental aspect, it’s that most people on the planet are into an state of trance, deeply submerged into unconsciousness, being irresponsible distracted to realizing what’s happening in their own minds and skies which are compromised with all sort of experimentations in a daily basis.


HOPE Vaccine

HOPE Vaccine

H1N1 Vaccination - Sick Since / Immortal Tech

Super Jones

Super Jones



Back Cover

Back Cover



PROJECT HAARP - Mind Control

The Resistance, By Muse

The Resistance, By Muse

Uprising (The Resistance) - Muse

RISE OF FEMA - The Take Over


Hand Ball Carlie - Payday Monsanto

Never Back Down



How You See the World 2 - Coldplay

Abum Cover

Abum Cover